About The Sun Touch Home services

Strategy. Our goal is to provide our customers with a comfortable environment for living and doing business, sorting out the function of cleaning the premises. The quality of all of our work corresponds the world class cleaning level. We're not just doing single dry cleaning or washing tasks we seek for long-term cooperation in this area.

Our main mission is to take care of our customer. The basis of The Sun Touch Home services is the close and mutually beneficial relationships with clients, regardless of the scope and duration of collaboration. Each client - from small private apartment owner up to large industrial enterprises - deserves our time, attention and respect.

Constant development. Our company is always striving to be the best in the industry, basing on the high level of customer service. We will take all possible actions and efforts needed to strengthen our position on the market.

We are unified team. There is a solid foundation consisting of a clearly well-organized team of professionals that ensure consistently high quality work at the core of the company. All the relationships within our team are based on the principles of mutual respect, the ability to listen to others, exclusion of vertical barriers, patience and trust.

Quality improvement. We are constantly improving the quality and expanding the range of services provided, because we realize that loyal relationship with our customers is assured only through the provision of high quality services.

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