How to care of windows hardware

For some reasons, many people, who have installed vinyl windows in their homes, wash only glasses and frames, but do not even touch the hardware. But fittings are one of the most important parts of the window that is responsible for operation of the sash. For those who do not know - a hardware is a set of metal elements installed on a sash.

First we need to get rid of dust that has settled on accessories, it can be done with a cloth, a brush and a vacuum cleaner. When the hardware is clean, take a special oil for lubrication and apply a substance on movable elements of accessories that are located around the perimeter of the sash using a syringe. Then rotate the sash handle in order that an oil penetrate the entire mechanism.

If it becomes difficult to close the window, then lubricate the opening mechanism, which is located behind the handle. To do this, turn the latch, remove all the bolts fixing a handle and pull it out. Drop a few drops of oil in the opening, fix back the handle and rotate it extensively. Look through other vinyl windows maintenance tips.

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