Ductwork Issue in Your Basement Refinishing Project

If you decided to totally refinish your basement, then one of the greatest concerns you will have to face is likely to be ductwork. No one denies that ducts are very important and actually crucial element of any house because they carry heated or cooled air throughout your house and so keep your feeling of comfort all the year round, but unfortunately in most designs they are very unsightly. To help you deal with this issue Guy Solomon and his team created several different ways of creating unique space of your ductwork in the basement room.

Option #1 - Match the Ducts to the Ceiling

According to the experts' experience one of the most popular choices of homeowners in Canada is to paint the ducts with the same color that you use for your ceiling. In this way you can make your ducts and ceiling coexist. Although this will not hide your ducts from view, it will allow them to blend into the atmosphere so they are not as noticeable. Although darker colors like black and brown work best for this, you can choose almost any neutral color. Beige or white will make the space appear more "open" to the eye, but requires more maintenance and cleaning over time. Matte finishes work better than glossy, too.

Option #2 - Drop Ceiling Option

If you have ducts which are pretty high and so you have plenty of headroom, then Guy Solomon advises to install a drop ceiling in order to cover them. He says that this option provides you with a true finished feel and on top of that gives you some soundproofing. The good thing about drop ceiling is that you can very easy remove all the panels if access to the ducts is needed. If you are a musician then you have a great possibility to buy special acoustic panels which cancel sound, thus providing your basement with a perfect sound barrier so you can create a home music studio or a perfect place for your band's rehearsals.

Option #3 - Designer's Solution - Industrial Feel

Another great option for young people and those who want to be in trend involves purchasing ductwork that can give your finished space a perfect industrial feel. In the industrial interior decor there is nothing wrong if you have visible ducts, as long as they match with the flow of the room. For example, you can choose to paint your ceiling with a dark color, then hang there some chrome beams, and then use chrome-colored ducts in order to balance things. According to the Guy Solomon reviews this approach is frequently used by designers who create bars, game rooms or theaters in the houses' basement spaces.

As you can see from the above information, your basement ducts can work for you instead of destroying your plans, you just need to think a little about this issue. If you are not satisfied with the options, contact Guy Solomon, ask for his professional opinion about your unique case and be sure to have the best possible resul suiting your needs and desires and in the affordable budget.

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