5 Tips to keep your windows clean

Cleaning windows can always appear to be a mess if you do not approach the subject constructively. Cleaning itself usually turns to be a boring action and this is why the majority of women do not like to spend their free time in such a way. Nevertheless, cleaning is considered to be extremely essential for our life. Moreover, we just have to tidy our homes - because it is our responsibility to keep the space around us clean. Anyway, we have to remember that cleaning windows is one of the hardest parts of the game, but you do not need to clean them often - this is their little advantage. It tends to be a real art to clean them in a special manner and to avoid leaving those awful streaks.

You have to spray, to wipe, to reach them, all in all, but without a skill and special tools the result of your cleaning will be a tangle of streaks that can be easily seen in the light. No matter what you clean a coffee table or a window - the only solution for you is to buy some new tools that will help you and your elbows will no more suffer while wiping. Streak-free window will not be a dream of yours if you have the right liquids in your pail.

To facilitate your work I am glad to tell you five tips that will help you to wipe your windows better and to keep them clean longer.

⋇ When you water a cleaner, make sure that you water it with something clean. Usually we do not pay too much attention to the fact whether the water we use for cleaning is pure. Certainly, when you wash the floor, for example, it doesn't matter, but when you work with glass - every detail matters. Your window can show the content of your water, especially, when you are to use hard water. It is an awesome idea to use distilled water when you dilute your window cleaner. Distilled water suits you more than hard water from your tap because there are no minerals in it; and these minerals in their turn are the reason of streaks all over your windows.

⋇ One more thing is about suds. What can be worse than awful streaks left on your windows? When you do not use vinegar or special window cleaner there is no such problem. Nevertheless, with soap things are different. You should be very careful when using it and go easy. If you use too much soap that will result in streaky windows; so you do not need a lot of soapy water. But, anyway, it's better to avoid using soap water and to change it for vinegar or for any other glass cleaner.

⋇ In addition to that, some people use old newspapers to avoid streaks. Certainly if you asked Sandy Springs vinyl window replacement to install a couple of new windows and do not want to spoil the surface of the glass this solution won't suit you. However, if you believe that paper can do no harm to your windows you can just spray some cleaner onto the window and then wipe it with the newspaper. Trust me, if you do that right, the result will be awesome.

⋇ You should mind the window cleaner, which you use, too. Without any doubts, you can buy any types of those numerous window cleaners from the shelves of the supermarkets. You can choose between cheap ones and more expensive liquids. You can buy anything you want, but without special knowledge, you will probably have no result. To tell the truth, you do not need to buy the most expensive window cleaners that exist in your local shops. You just can use vinegar instead of them. Really, vinegar is that special component that is hard to live without. We use it for all purposes and cleaning windows is not an exception. Moreover, it costs basically nothing and can be used both for a salad and for any glass surfaces in your house. And truly vinegar does wonders. The solution of vinegar and water should be 50/50 and the only thing you need to do is to spray it on the window surface and to wipe it with a cloth. Just do the same actions, which you usually do, when you clean the windows with a traditional cleaner. The disadvantage of vinegar is the smell. However, it stinks not for a long time so if you can bear that bad flavor for an hour or two, then vinegar will be a perfect solution for you.

⋇ By the way, when you buy new windows you can ask the retailer about the right way of cleaning them. For instance, American Windows Alpharetta window company offer high quality windows with discount and without doubts will tell you some secrets about the way of keeping your purchase clean and good-looking.

I hope the information about cleaning windows was pretty useful for you. Moreover, I hope you got a lot of new information that will definitely help you in your everyday life. Anyway, my greatest advice is not to stick to your old windows and to replace them. Americanwindows.org Roswell window replacement, for example, is quiet a good selection. So if you don't want to clean your windows and this work seems very routine to you - then just become a lucky owner of new windows and enjoy your life.

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