How to treat and clean furniture and furnishings right

The days when people have lived in wooden houses, used wooden furniture only and eat from wooden utensils have long gone. Now you can find paper (as wallpaper is not a rare home finishing product), and textiles, and plastics, and noble wood and artificial or natural stone, and glass in modern apartment. All these surfaces differ from each other not only by their appearance, but also by maintenance requirements. For example, even the strongest chemicals will not damage granite, while a wood will just not survive such a cleaning. Therefore, it is important to know basic rules for furniture cleaning. It is especially true for those people, who rent furniture pieces and have to return them back in a good state to avoid additional fines. Read more about the importance of keeping the premises your live in clean.

Before speaking directly about the care of furniture, it is necessary to say a few words about the conditions in which it will last you longer. Thus, temperature and humidity of the ambient air are of great importance. High temperatures and low humidity can lead to cracks of wood, so do not put any piece near a heater. Do not expose wooden items to direct sunlight, as it can burn its color out. It is considered that care of cabinet furniture is very simple, because it requires minimal attention. This is partially true, i.e. it is really easy to take care of it, but a few important points should be always kept in mind to avoid damaging of the surface.

Firstly, you need to remove a fresh stain while it is still fresh! It is possible that in this case it would be enough to wipe a stain with clean soft cloth without using any detergent. Entrenched spot is much harder to be cleaned off.

Secondly, never use abrasives and hard brushes or sponges, because they can cause serious damage to smooth surfaces, especially lacquered and polished. In other case, it would be just impossible to return a furniture you rent to a store.

Thirdly, carefully read the description of detergents specifically designed for furniture cleaning, it is possible that they are suitable only for particular types of surfaces and can damage varnishing or, on the contrary, natural veneer or array. In principle, it is better to eliminate any aggressive substances You can use a mild soapy solution, although its application should be also minimized.

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